Friday, March 29, 2013

Fresh Voice Sue London!

What is your ultimate writing goal?
To be the new Nora Roberts and Stephen King, rolled up into one. I want to write in a wide variety of genres and have a fabulous time doing so - in such a way that readers will connect with my work.

Why do you write?
Why do I breathe? But if what you really mean is why do I want to be published, well that's because I want to be immortal.

Have you worked to achieve your voice or is it just a natural style for you?
Only if you count reading a billion books and trying different things out for writing as "working." As a book nerd I just call that "entertainment."

Who are your favorite authors and why do you like them?
Let me flip that on you. I have REASONS I like books and certain authors align with them.
Funny, insightful: Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, G.K. Chesterton, Douglas Adams
Mind-expanding, interesting: Spider Robinson, Harry Harrison, Alan Dean Foster
Fun, inspirational: Nora Roberts, Martha Beck

What most attracts you to the life of a writer?
Working in your pajamas. Having cats. Drinking as much coffee as you want. Meeting and talking to other readers and writers.

If you couldn't be a writer but knew you were guaranteed success at a different career, what
would you choose?
CEO of a major business. One of my very favorite books as a child was "If I Ran The Circus." I just really love running the circus. Close runner up is cartoonist (of the Berke Breathed variety.) In case it seems confusing to say writer, CEO, cartoonist - those are all places where you can be the benevolent ruler of your realm. You know, since "Queen" isn't so much an option.

If you had to describe your writing in one word, what would that word be?

What's the best writing advice you've ever gotten?
Keep writing.

Sue London began writing short stories about horses and teen sleuths when she was seven years old. After that she traveled to distant worlds, fought with swords and sorcerers, and played with a few undead things. As you might have expected, this means she went into accountancy. Well, alright, maybe that was an odd plot twist but that's the difference between real life and fiction - fiction has to make sense (thanks Mr. Clancy). She's on twitter as @cmdrsue and a million other places that you can find via her Sueniverse.

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