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Blooming Author: Benjamin Rogers!

“Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.” ~ George Sheehan

Benjamin Rogers' book Faith and the Undead was published by Library of the Living Dead Press in May 2010.

Tell us about Faith and the Undead. What is it about and where will it be available?
FAITH & THE UNDEAD is the story of surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.  In FAITH and the rest of the Trilogy of the Undead when it’s completed, I’ve used a throwback method for the creation of the undead.  The story is about Good vs. Evil as most zombie novels are, but The Creator and Satan (Shaitan, Lucifer…) are finally battling it out for the souls of mankind.  Satan creates the zombies to carrying out his evil deeds on Earth, specifically terminate the good.

FAITH & THE UNDEAD is available on in both trade paperback and Kindle formats.  You can also check out my website at for more information on upcoming appearances.

What were your inspirations for FAITH & THE UNDEAD? What sorts of thing inspire you as a writer in general?
There were many inspirations for FAITH & THE UNDEAD.  A lot of the more realistic portions are based on experiences I had or friends of mine had while in the military.  Much of the more ‘fictional’ pieces came from ideas that I’ve had running through the dark recesses of my mind for years.  Much of the concepts though come from things that just irritate me about current world politics or the idea that we as humans have a serious problem with accepting each other for who we are.

The actual impetus stems from a conversation I had with the 12 year sister of a girlfriend many years ago.  She looked me square in the face and told me that all Buddhists would go to Hell.  That has bothered me ever since.

Let's talk about your process. How do you approach a story, do you start with outlines or something else? Where did you work when writing FAITH & THE UNDEAD? Do you think it was the optimal writing environment for you?
I actually use a method that I would never recommend to anyone else but it works for me.  There are no outlines or any documentation typically.  I have a story arc in my mind that I want to write about.  When I started the idea of the Trilogy of the Undead, I had a beginning and ending point.  From that I said ‘What am I going to do to these characters?’  I then molded the characters around what was occurring in the story.

FAITH & THE UNDEAD was written on a Toshiba laptop anywhere that I found time.  Parts of it were written in bed or in my family chair in the office. This wasn’t necessarily the optimal environment, but I have this dream concept of a writing room that faces West with large windows so I can write and watch the sunset, storms come in, or the snow fall.  One of these days I’ll have that.  If everything goes well that is!

Tell us about your "story of getting published."
A few years ago I stumbled across the Library of the Living Dead which is headed up by the infamous Dr. Pus.  Through their forums, I began to meet different authors, many of which I had read, including Stephen North and David Dunwoody who really encouraged to get my stories down on paper.

My first published piece was poem through a now defunct horror magazine and things progressed from there.  I started and stopped multiple novels which are now waiting for me to finish them.  Last year I went to Horror Realm in Pittsburgh, PA and a few of the authors there read some of the work in progress I had taken with me.  Evidently word got back to the publisher because when I was part way through FAITH I sent him a synopsis.  Got a quick acceptance and we’ve gone on from there!

What are the publicity plans you have coming up?
I’ll be appearing at various conventions through the fall including Horror Realm (Pittsburgh, PA) and Horror Hound (Cincinnati, OH) along with a signing at That Book Place in Indiana.   Actually quite busy for the first major con season, but I was careful not to overload myself because I’m working on the second book in the Trilogy of the Undead entitled ‘CRUSADES & THE UNDEAD’ which I hope to have released next year.

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